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  1. Butterfly Necklace
  2. Butterfly Necklace
  3. Butterfly Necklace
  4. Butterfly Necklace
  5. Flower Necklace
  6. Gulls Necklace K14
  7. Gulls Necklace K14
  8. Starfish Necklace
  9. Fiish Pendant
  10. Turtle Pendant
  11. Turtle Pendant
  12. Turtle Pendant
  13. Turtle Pendant
  14. Turtle Pendant
  15. Turtle Pendant
  16. Turtle Pendant
  17. Turtle Pendant
  18. Turtle Pendant
  19. Turtle Pendant
  20. Turtle Pendant
  21. Palm tree Pendant
  22. Whale Pendant
  23. Wheel Pendant Opal
  24. Squirl Pendant
Excellent gold and silver creations for women,men and children. In our webstore you will discover unique rings,bracelets,pendants and necklaces that will adorn your look. Since 1981 until nowadays,our company has created its own course in the field of jewellery with creations which are made in our personal workshop or in workshops of selected manufacturers. We created original jewellery inspired of greek history with elements such as meander, speira and other greek symbols. In our store is available a big collection of jewellery decorated with high quality precious and semi-precious stones. All our creations with or without stones, in silver or in gold are personally created for a beautiful and technically perfect result at competitive prices. Have a look in our collection and browse with our filters and categories.